Monday, November 22, 2010

Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Maestro Ilayaraja)

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Ilayaraja On Podcast.......!

Recently I found one rare radio program presented by dvdverdict. Actually this program was broadcasted on 11th may 2010, Episode 560. This site contains tons of programs about hollywood movie reviews.

Clark places the spotlight on Maestro Ilayaraja. It's very interesting program. I hope the visitors who hear this, surely enjoy and explore more programs like this.

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Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Maestro Ilayaraja) by Clark


Ramnath Sundaram said...

thanks this is awesome content

Dhivyaraja Shruthi - ORCHESTRA with a difference said...

Grt job.Keep it going.

Ilayaraja ?

Born and brought up in an obscure village near Kambam in Southern Tamil Nadu, Ilayaraja became the first Asian to score a symphony for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, besides scoring over feature films. Raja, as he is popularly known and affectionately called, comes from a family of musicians.

He won a gold medal from London's Trinity College in the guitar category. His notable works include Nayagan (1987) (his 400th film) and Anjali (1990) (his 500th film). His other musical works include "Nothing But the Wind," "How to Name It," and "Singing Skylarks." He also invented a new Carnatic raga known as Panchamukhi.

A separate blog is getting ready for launching about the details of ILAYARAJA....! Keep Watching

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